Terms & Conditions

Through your access and use of this site, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Domain Sales and Acquisitions

Unless otherwise stated, sale are of domains only.  Some listed sites are under development; assume that no site is to be included, unless otherwise stated.

Domains without a price listed invite offers via the form provided.  If no reply is received within (5) business days of an extended offer, assume it is not under consideration.  Assume the offered price was much too low.  Only serious offers are to be responded to.

No sale is considered final until the terms of exchange and payment method(s) are agreed to prior to the transaction.

No refunds are to be offered once payment is received, and transfer is initiated.


We accept numerous payment methods, specific to each transaction.  We reserve the right to deny any given payment method in favour of one of our choosing.  At our discretion, we reserve the right to receive payment via Escrow.com, where the fees are to be covered by the buyer.  The payment method will be decided after a negotiated price is agreed upon.

Transfer of Domain Ownership

In most circumstances, the domain transferal process will be initiated to the registrar account of the buyer the same day that payment is received and secured.  If the buyer requests that the domain be transferred to a different registrar from where the domain is currently registered, then the domain will be unlocked on the same day that payment is received, and the buyer will be instructed to initiate the reception process from their registrar of choice.  Registrar transfers typically take (7) days to process. Domain pushes within the same registrar are (typically) received within (24) hours. 

Refunds and Disputes

Once the domain is secured in the buyer’s account (fully under the buyer’s control and possession) there are to be, under no circumstances, refunds offered.

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